e'Meister collects the information you need and supports facility operations.

Feature 1

Helps save energy with an automatic shutoff feature that reduces power consumption.
  • By demand* projection, automatically shuts off devices before the electric power use surpasses the contract power.
  • Uses an annual schedule that automatically operates and shuts off equipment and saves energy.

Demand: The mean electric power (kW) use for 30 minutes (=Demand time limit). This value greatly influences contract demand, resulting in energy savings and costs reductions by reducing the contract demand.

Feature 2

Shows the information users need, quickly and easily.

  • Anyone can operate it with the easy-to-use graphical icons according to function.
  • Easily register favorite screens to be displayed quickly when necessary.
  • Easily create reports based on energy conservation laws.

Feature 3

Device-specific, monitoring, control and data analysis
Total support for operations with multiple functions.
  • Monitor and control equipment on a network computer anywhere, anytime.
  • Real-time, historical, or comparative detailed analysis of graphs is possible.
  • Supports operations such as emergency response and maintenance inspections with an equipment registry

System Configuration (Example)

Main Functions

Functions and specifications
Standard features
Monitoring: operation, alarm, measurements, upper and lower bounds, and sensor failure
Display: graphical, current value list, generating alarm, unidentified warning, pop-up alerts, and daily, monthly & annual report
Display & search: operating history, and warning history
Automatic report printing, accumulated operation times and frequencies, self-diagnoatics
Security (password protected)
Optional features
Monitoring of control failures
Individual device control, schedule regulation
Trend graphs display, operating history display & search
Electronic mail notifications, external warning output
Demand monitoring, demand regulation
Inspection settings, maintenance time and frequency settings, equipment management
User privileges

Operating Environment

Windows XP Professional , Windows 7
※Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, Excel, Silverlight 2.0 or higher
Data processing
Maximum number of
manageable devices: 1,000
Maximum number of
manageable devices: 10,000
Windows XP Professional , Windows 7 Windows Server 2008
CoreTM2 Duo Processor or equivalent Xeon Processor or equivalent
2GB (Recommended) 2GB (Recommended)
HDD capacity
80GB (RAID1) (Recommended) 160GB(RAID1) (Recommended)
* Microsoft Excel is required when printing forms to a spreadsheet.

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