BSN Control Center

  • The control center is widely used at a variety of factories and industrial buildings, as well as large plants, including water and sewer services, waste disposal plants, power plants, chemical plants, or steel plants.
  • Protection, monitoring and controls have been improved to attain greater functionality, maintainability, and safety.

Small Panel Dimensions

The Control Center has a low profile with a double-sided depth being 550mm, and a single-sided depth 400mm.

Small Unit

The basic unit is 200mm high. And the double-sided model (B-C/ B-B method) can house a maximum of 18 basic units.

The Rated Short Time Current of the Bus Bars Raised

The horizontal and vertical bus bars have a rated short-time current of 65kA.

Safe Horizontal/Vertical Bus Bars

Every bus bar is covered by a protective metal plate to prevent electric shock and short circuits.

Compatibility of Units

The bus bars at the front and back of the double-sided control center are vertical and independent of each other. Maintenance is easy because the units at the front and back side are compatible.