August 1948
Production of knife switches and distribution boards begins
February 1952
Betsukawa is founded and Hokuriku Sales Office is established;
Manufacturing license from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry is acquired
April 1953
Niigata Sales Office is established
October 1955
Nagoya Sales Office is established
April 1959
Osaka Sales Office is established
October 1959
Factory is established in Wakamiya, Kanazawa city
September 1962
Tokyo Sales Office is established
April 1963
Headquarters and Factory are newly built in Jichu, Kanazawa city
May 1982
Hamamatsu Local Office is established
November 1983
Toyama Local Office is established
July 1984
CAD System is introduced
April 1988
Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Hokuriku Sales Offices become Branch Offices
Hamamatsu and Toyama Local Offices become Sales Offices
April 1989
Internal operations go on-line
April 1992
Engineering Division is launched
May 1994
The Creative Center is establised in Yatsukaho, Matto city (now Hakusan city)
May 1998
Yokohama Sales Office is established
September 1999
Certified as excellent factory by JSIA (now Japan Switchboard & Control System Industries Association)
Certification #: JSIA-4206
October 1999
Headquarters and Factory are newly built in Urushijima, Matto city (now Hakusan city)
November 2000
Certification of Quality Management System “ISO 9001” is acquired
Registration # YKA 0200276
October 2003
Certification of Environmental Management System “ISO 14001” is acquired
Registration #: YKA 4002514
April 2008
Fukui Local Office (currently Fukui Sales Office) is established
September 2011
BETSUKAWA (THAILAND) Co., Ltd. is established in Bangkok, Thailand
August 2013
BETSUKAWA (THAILAND) Co., Ltd. moves its office and builds a factory in Navanakorn Industrial Estate.
July 2016
Itoigawa Center is established