Production System of BETSUKAWA

At Betsukawa’s factory, the host computer consolidates all information related to production process; production schedule, process plan, procurement plan, entering and taking out work in process or raw material from the warehouse, progress management, and delivery date management. Receiving the information, the central distribution system plays a major role in products/parts conveyance, storage, and process management, thus managing delivery date and reducing lead time.

Central Distribution System Connects the Processes.



We respond to our customers' needs swiftly making full use of our self-developed CAD. Linking CAD system with the company LAN enables the complete sharing of the drawing database. An abundance of design databases and our unique search system enables designers to quickly search and gather design information.

Sheet Metal

For cutting process, two lines of turret punch presses equipped with lasers for cutting complex shapes and smoothing the cut surface have been introduced. The nitrogen gas supplied from nitrogen generator as an assist gas for laser processing enables non-oxidation cutting. Our self-developed system which takes in the processing information directly from CAD enables cutting and processing the same day using fully Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing. In order to enhance coating quality and for environmental consideration, shot blast method, instead of hydrochloric acid treatment has been adopted to remove oxide film from shape steel.


Excellent corrosion/ weather resistance has been realized thanks to the continuous line of the electrodeposition, powder, and solvent coating processes. Variable-speed vertical full-dip method has been adopted for pretreatment and electrodeposition enabling even sections concealed by bending and could not be fully coated by the conventional spraying method can be perfectly coated. Power and free method* is used for carrier device, enabling remarkable speed-up of processes. Double-layer doors and tact carrier system have been adopted for drying furnace enabling the considerable energy saving. Since we have a drainage treatment facility in our factory, our standard exceeds the criteria set by the Water Pollution Prevention Law of Ishikawa pref.
*Power and free method: Materials are carried swiftly. On the other hand, plenty of time is spent for coating and mounting/dismounting.


“First in, first out”production system shortens the lead time. All-round production system has been realized thanks to our flexible work area structure. Machining area and processing area have been set up enabling centralized supply system of repeatedly-used parts.

Inspection/Quality Assurance


We have an area solely for inspection to improve independence and reliability of product inspection. Experienced engineers verify the products’ functionality through simulations conducted from every angle, based on the latest technology and accumulated know-how. We obtained ISO9001 international quality management system, and ISO14001 environmanetal management system.

Certificate of ISO9001

Certificate of ISO14001

Certificate of excellent factory

Evaluation document (Public Buildings Association., Ltd.)

Shipment and Services

Customer service

Our sales engineers provide data ranging from planning to manufacturing, and technical support. Our service engineers provide services on and after shipment. We are stationed close to users and ready to respond to them whenever necessary. We are also ready to support our customers for system inspection and maintenance.